MDPI’s Remote Sensing is proud to establish a media partnership cooperation with OCEANS 2023!

Remote Sensing (ISSN: 2072-4292) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, and is published semimonthly online by MDPI. Remote Sensing received an impact factor of 5.0, a 5-year impact factor of 5.6, and a CiteScore of 7.9.

The journal is currently running a Section entitled “Ocean Remote Sensing”. The main aim of this Section is to introduce new observational, analytical, computational, and modeling methods as well as understanding in marine sciences. This Section publishes original articles, letters, reviews, and communications with regard to remote sensing oceanography and related fields. To support the scientific communication for this conference, we selected some feature papers evaluated by the academics for attendees to read:

A Self-Adaptive Method for Mapping Coastal Bathymetry On-The-Fly from Wave Field Video

Coastal Remote Sensing: Merging Physical, Chemical, and Biological Data as Tailings Drift onto Buffalo Reef, Lake Superior

Multidecade Trends of Sea Surface Temperature, Chlorophyll-a Concentration, and Ocean Eddies in the Gulf of Mexico


In addition, we are recruiting a TAP for this Section; if you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact Skylar ( or apply via the following link:


Thank you! And enjoy a fabulous OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast.

Remote Sensing, MDPI