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Women in Engineering Breakfast Panel – Achieving Work-Life Balance: Balancing Parenthood with Professional Responsibilities

The Women in Engineering panel is set to highlight four accomplished women who will discuss how their unique experiences have been instrumental in molding their professional journeys. They will delve into the significant impact that challenges and support have had on their current positions and reflect extensively on the central theme of the panel.

In the modern landscape of evolving careers and family dynamics, the pursuit of work-life balance has become paramount. The panel discussion on “Achieving Work-Life Balance: Balancing Parenthood with Professional Responsibilities” offers a comprehensive exploration of this delicate equilibrium. Expert insights and personal narratives converge to illuminate effective strategies for navigating the challenges of parenthood alongside the demands of a successful career. Join us for a thoughtful and enlightening discussion that aims to empower individuals in harmonizing the diverse aspects of their lives, fostering well-being, growth, and fulfillment.

For the breakfast panel we have the privilege of having four such stalwarts in our midst. They will share their experiences and thereby give us an opportunity to replicate some of it in our lives.


Dr. Farheen Fauziya
Senior Research Associate | ECTL


Ms. Becky Oh
President & CEO | PNI Sensor

Dr. Ananya Sen Gupta
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering | University of Iowa

Ms. Deborah Smith
Data Governance Manager | Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute, University of Rhode Island

Ms. Sarah Groves
Data Analyst | NOAA Ocean Exploration