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Maritime Remotely Operated/Autonomous Oceanographic and Geologic Technologies Current to Future

The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO) believes in providing maritime environmental mission support to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Allies to protect the homeland and provide the competitive edge to our forces defending free and open lines of commerce and navigation. For NAVOCEANO to be successful, we must leverage all sources of data and technologies available from government, industry, and academia to provide comprehensive interrogation and analysis of the ocean and seabed environment. This workshop seeks to gain counsel and collaboration in ensuring our forces keep the competitive edge through integration of remotely operated/autonomous maritime environmental collection platforms and datasets into its capability set. Our workshop topics are Littoral and Riverine Data Collection Capabilities, Ocean Data Collection Capabilities, Seabed Sediment, Bathymetry, and Hydrography Data Collection Capabilities using remotely operated/autonomous collection assets.


Richard Gagne
Program Analyst/Continuous Process Improvement Lead

Amy Rumish
Oceanographer | U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office

Steven Faber
International Program & Cooperative Engagement Lead | Plans, Programs & Requirements Department, Naval Oceanographic Office

Anthony Gilless
Glider Operations Center Branch Head | Naval Oceanographic Office

Matthew Thompson
Technical Lead | Hydrographic Department, Naval Oceanographic Office

David Hadaway
Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle MIW Surveyor in Charge | Naval Oceanographic Office