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How American Leadership in Marine Technology is Revolutionizing Our Relationship with the Ocean

Throughout the 20th century, the marine environment has been under attack, and the principal assailant has been us. Overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, harmful algal blooms, coral reef bleaching, biodiversity decline, and an increase in ocean acidification and marine heatwaves caused by climate change are challenging the living things that depend upon the ocean, including people. A sea change, however, is occurring in response to these troubling trends. The response to this challenge must be to strengthen the U.S. ocean science and technology enterprise.


Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D.
CEO | Ocean STL Consulting
Host | The American Blue Economy Podcast


Marine Slingue
President for North America Civil & Space | Exail – USVs

Pablo Quiroga
North American Sales Representative | ALSEAMAR

Tosca Lichtenheld
Lead, Government Business Development | Sofar Ocean Technologies

Megan Cromwell
Assistant Chief Data Officer | National Ocean Service, NOAA

Dr. Leila J. Hamdan
Associate Vice President for Research, Coastal Operations | University of Southern Mississippi
Professor, Marine Microbial Ecology | School of Ocean Science and Engineering, University of Southern Mississippi