One estimate indicates there will be 40 million jobs in the Blue Economy by 2030 – not many years from now.  In this time of workforce uncertainty – many students are not aware of their options or where to look for good jobs – and those who are seeking to climb the ladder are having difficulty understanding what skills they need to reach that higher level.  OCEANS 2023 has two offerings that will help career-seekers.

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Mississippi Defense Initiative (MDI) is sponsoring a Career Fair.  Every exhibitor with open job positions can participate in this opportunity.  Interested exhibitors will prepare paragraphs summarizing their needs.  These will be made available to job candidates – students, young professionals, or those just looking for a change.  Candidates will choose who they wish to briefly meet to determine mutual interest and provide their resumes.  Those who do not wish to meet publicly with exhibiting organizations will be able to meet virtually post-conference.  Watch the OCEANS 2023 website as this program unfolds.

The Center of Higher Learning (CHL) is sponsoring the OCEANS 2023 Training Program.  With sessions identified by the young professionals in the Marine Technology Society and in IEEE, topics include cybersecurity, leadership skills, project management, metadata, and other skill-boosting topics.  Signing up for the Training Program will be easy – a selection within the OCEANS 2023 registration system will allow conference-goers to also sign up for these Monday (Sept 25) opportunities.  Additional information will be available on the OCEANS 2023 website later this month.

In these times of the “new” normal, the competition for talent is increasing almost exponentially.  To keep programs moving forward – and to create new ones – every organization will be looking for the best and brightest.  Find them at OCEANS 2023!