Name: Tanya Lush

Professional Title: Director of Workforce Development | Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE)

Bio: Tanya Lush, Director of Workforce Development at COVE is an Occupational Psychologist with a specialization in career development. She has spent 14 of her 23-year career internationally (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Poland). Tanya’s career path has led her to leadership roles in Government, Non-Profit, and higher education where she has built and led departments and organizations- focusing on “people projects” that support career/workforce development and talent attraction and engagement, working with post-secondary level to mid-career and senior level professionals. Tanya’s time living and working abroad has provided her the opportunity to work side by side with more than 70 nationalities over the span of her career. Befitting her current role at COVE, she is a passionate champion of EDI in the ocean sector.