Name: Shelly Hollis

Professional Title: Director | Center for Cyber Education | Mississippi State University

Bio: Shelly Hollis is the Director of the Center for Cyber Education (CCE) at Mississippi State University (MSU). Hollis joined MSU in 2014 as a project manager at the Research and Curriculum Unit (RCU) and began directing the CCE in 2018. Hollis oversees the development and implementation of the K-12 computer science initiative for the state of Mississippi, leading ongoing CS curriculum development and updates, facilitating the training of K-12 teachers in CS content, and securing funding to support CS education.

Hollis also works with the Mississippi Cyber Initiative to help train and grow the cybersecurity workforce and provide cyber awareness training for small businesses throughout the state. Prior to joining MSU, she worked in a Mississippi public school district managing district technology. Before moving to Mississippi in 2007, she co-owned and operated a database design company where she created, installed, and maintained customized pre-school enrollment management and compliance software solutions. Hollis is a graduate of Huntingdon College in Alabama where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science.