Name: Gregory T. Bradley, Ph.D., MBA

Professional Title: Teaching Professor | School of Leadership | College of Business & Economic Development | The University of Southern Mississippi

Bio: Dr. Gregory Bradley is a teaching professor in the School of Leadership, College of Business and Economic Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Bradley teaches various quantitative-related management courses, and he teaches the capstone global managerial policy and strategy course. He is also the founder and President of The Bradley Research Group, a 27-year old applied research and decision analytics firm that specializes in using advanced analytics to reduce decision-making risk. His field of expertise is the application of quantitative and qualitative research in solving complex business and social problems.

He has been the principal investigator/primary researcher on over 1,500 private and public research projects related predominately to either evaluating the relationships between and among employee/customer behavior and firm performance or measuring the economic impact of prescribed events. He frequently collaborates with researchers across the globe concerning the innovative application of research outcomes, particularly at the confluence of the behavioral sciences, organizational development, and economics. Dr. Bradley has spoken at several domestic and international conferences and has authored a variety of research articles related to improving the decision-making process through quantitative analysis.

Since 2013, Dr. Bradley has visited Cuba 18 times and has spent over 100 nights in Havana during that timeframe. He has lectured multiple times on Behavioral Economics to postgraduate psychology students at the University of Havana. His experience in lecturing to Cuban students has significantly broadened his understanding of the Cuban people, their rich heritage and culture, and their underlying economic system. In 2015, Dr. Bradley was awarded the prestigious Letter of Acknowledgement from the Cuban Society of Psychology. In 2016, Dr. Bradley was invited to present on Cuba’s economy at Hominis, a hemispheric psychology conference held in Havana biannually. He is currently writing a book on Cuba’s efforts at economic transformation.”